Crusher is a scrappy new online invitation service now competing with the likes of Evite. Launched in 2007, Crusher came late to the tech party and found that, like hundreds of other startups in their shoes, they could not secure the prima facie domain name that matched their brand name.

Instead of changing their brand name to a trendy nonsense word, the founders of Crusher improvised by spelling their domain name with a touch of leetspeak (or l33t, for you purists): Not a bad solution, considering the young demographic of its target market.

Here’s how they tell the story:

Why the “3” in the URL?
Because all plain English words were already taken. Believe us, we tried hard to get but the folks sitting on it weren’t returning our calls. “Please, we don’t need the whole word. We already have most of it. We just want to buy a vowel!” exclaims Doug …(dial tone). And we’re not about to settle for a made-up name like every other start-up out there. We were set on the name “Crusher”, so we went with for an address. If you dislike the number three we’ve got a back-up for you. We figured if we can’t have the word, then we’ll have it twice (: …you can go to and find us there as well.