We stand by the strength of our convictions.

A successful Ameriprise financial advisor in Syracuse, New York sought to rename his practice from a personal name to a brand name to better reflect the cohesiveness of their team approach. Known for being courageous advocates on their clients’ behalf, these advisors are guided by a strong moral compass. Pollywog wanted their new brand name to capture this aspect of their personality.

We believe you deserve a courageous financial advocate. We believe in working tirelessly to bring you solutions to the problems that worry you. We believe a financial advisor should be completely dependable, always true to their word. Because we’re so committed to our values, you can rest assured that your financial interests will always be well protected.

Since ancient times, warriors have crafted shields out of oak, known for its nearly impermeable toughness. The word “shield” connects with the idea of protection, while the medieval reference suggests a knightly benevolence.


Mark Colvin