Making the cabinetry buying experience a thing of beauty.
How do you compete in the crowded cabinetry market? By offering not only a well-made product, but also a superior purchase experience. When developing their new manufacturing plant in Union, Pennsylvania, cabinet-maker ACPI overhauled their production and processes, virtually eliminating the delays, inaccurate orders and other customer service issues common to the industry. Their new brand needed to communicate this sweeter customer experience.

Every high-end cabinetry company promises a well-crafted product. But you need more than that. You need to know that your order will be handled right the first time, every time. And that the whole process will go smoothly for you and your customers. We’ve reimagined cabinet manufacturing and service, because we believe your experience buying cabinets should be as beautiful as the cabinets themselves.

A serenade is often sung outdoors in the evening from one person to another whom they admire. This musical expression of appreciation connects well to the idea that the company values its customers and earnestly desires to make them happy. The name’s connection to a soothing melody complements the quiet beauty of these well-made cabinets.


ACPI/Hanley Wood

Pollywog’s naming process is very unique, in that they guide the client through what can otherwise be an exhausting, confusing, and highly subjective process. They provide a unique combination of creative capability and client management capability. It’s rare to find that combination among vendors. They’re also a very nimble company due to their size, which works to their benefit in terms of responsiveness and flexibility.

Simon Hyoun

Head of Client Services, Hanley Wood Marketing