Push life to the limit.

As India’s economy grows, so does its middle class and consumer purchasing power. Recognizing opportunities in the Indian market, an enterprising American businessman founded a company focused on adventure travel to the United States. Targeting successful male professionals, the business promises an iconic, “you only live once” experience, such as touring the California coast by motorcycle and other adventures that satisfy the need for speed.

Getting the most out of life is like getting the most out of an engine. You have to push it to the limit to get the biggest rush. With our American adventures, you’ll have an experience beyond anything you’ve ever done before. It’s living life to its fullest.

The “redline” on a tachometer marks the maximum number of revolutions that a car’s engine was designed to withstand. “Redline” is also used as a verb to indicate driving a car at its maximum speed—or, metaphorically, to take something to its absolute max. With its strong connections to racing, the name “Redline” suggests the thrill of speed and living life on the edge.

Darshan Khatavar