A blog post today on a site targeted at new mothers notes a trend toward naming babies after luxury brands.

This practice is, and always has been, relatively commonplace. But what’s interesting is how “Chanel” has recently appeared on the list, at number 139 for girls. “Dior” is number 148, and “Armani” is number 150 for boys. All are luxury fashion brands that make products no one would mind owning.

As a branding professional, I should be delighted, but I find this disturbing. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen how once popular brands can slide down the rabbit hole to obscurity (Pan Am, Studebaker, Burma-Shave)–or worse for a child, uncoolness (Jordache, Levis, Members Only).

Or maybe it just reminds me too much of Idiocracy’s U.S. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.