brink-rebrandingMedical malpractice insurance isn’t just about paying a claim–it’s about making sure claims don’t happen in the first place.

Our client, MMIC provides a range of innovative services and resources to help hospitals, clinics, long-term care organizations and others improve patient safety. In addition to being the Midwest’s largest medical liability insurer, MMIC is also an innovator in the industry.

To provide an optimal platform for its main communication vehicle for policyholders, Pollywog worked with MMIC to rebrand its quarterly journal, The Review, into a publication far more reflective of its thought leadership position.

A review of literature told us that publications produced for the health care industry are, well, unexciting. We believed it was possible (and necessary) to create a magazine that not only provided sound information, but compelled people to pick it up and read it.

First, we led the clients through a positioning phase, achieving consensus on the magazine’s purpose, brand promise, differentiator and personality. Once the positioning had been established, it became clear that “The Review” did not deliver on the stated goals. So, Pollywog provided naming services in addition to visual identity, writing, editing and graphic design for the new publication.

Our solution:

The Risk Mitigation Magazine
What’s Next in Patient Safety

Succinct and emotionally charged, the name “Brink” not only recognizes that health care professionals work in a high-stakes environment, but also that MMIC is on the brink of discovery, constantly finding new ways to protect doctors.

The first issue of Brink was sent to policyholders on June 1. We’re very proud of this work and look forward to partnering with MMIC on upcoming editions.