The answer’s within you.

Realm - A project by Pollywog, a Naming Agency

Konica Minolta Precision Medicine recently expanded its scope of diagnostic services to include genomics, radiology and pathology. This array of tools delivers critical interrelated patient data, empowering healthcare providers to better predict, diagnose and treat disease. KMPM asked Pollywog for assistance in renaming its company to reflect this comprehensive, integrated approach to diagnostics.


Each person has unique attributes encoded into their genes, proteins, tissues and organs. Embedded into this innerscape of personalized data are clues to understanding that person’s health. Now because of our breadth of offerings and integrated diagnostic services, healthcare professionals can not only better diagnose medical conditions, they can also explain why they’re happening, leading to more personalized and effective treatments and therapies.


A realm is a region or sphere. Because the word is strongly associated with a kingdom, the name “Realm” suggests authority and leadership over an entire domain—apropos for an industry leader who provides comprehensive data drawn from the entire human body.


Konica Minolta Precision Medicine