Power for the long haul.

Oxbox - Naming by Pollywog, a Naming Agency


Pollywog was approached by a company that had invented an innovative energy storage system powerful enough to keep a household running during an extended outage. Weighing more than 2,000 pounds, their product was packed with valve-regulated lead-acid batteries–basically the same type of battery that has been around for more than 100 years. Their system was about to launch into a market dominated by lithium-based competitors with a sleeker form factor and trendier technology. 


When the power goes out, you don’t know whether the outage will last an hour, a day, or even longer. That’s why you need an energy storage system with a ton of power that’s also safe and reliable. Ours uses proven lead-acid batteries, and is the first to earn UL certification for safety. Lithium-based units might power your appliances for half a day before needing to be recharged. But our system will keep your family comfortable and your entire home running smoothly for two days or more. Oxbox. It’s power for the long haul.


Pollywog recommended that the brand embrace the product’s size and proven battery technology. Its large size allows the system to contain an array of batteries delivering a whopping 4x the power of comparable lithium systems. And the long history of lead-acid batteries proves they are far more dependable than lithium, which can be unstable and prone to exploding.

The clients appreciated that the name Oxbox starts an engaging story, turning what they originally saw as a downside of their product–its large size and weight–into a reason to believe its brand promise. This system is strong as an ox, dutiful and dependable. The name is easy to spell and pronounce. The rhyming syllables make it memorable and fun to say. Using just five characters, Oxbox describes the power of the product as well as its tangible form, making it intuitively understandable.


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