Trimble Duo

Two-in-one productivity for fleet management.


Trimble is a global leader in solutions for fleet management and logistics. It recently developed a new product for drivers that integrates vehicle information from an onboard computer with an intuitive, 4G-connected Android display. By combining these capabilities into a single device, the product eliminates complex, under-the-hood installation while providing all the productivity apps a driver may need in the cab.


Now you can equip your trucks with a fleet mobility device and get them on the road faster. The plug-and-play Trimble Duo gives you “best-of-both-worlds” capabilities: robust vehicle information and a wide range of driver productivity apps in one device.


With Trimble as the house brand, the name of this product needed to be somewhat quieter and descriptive, allowing “Trimble” to carry the brand power. “Duo” works well to describe the combined nature of the device, while still being as short and friendly as a brand name.