Mission Ready
Gear up.

An East Coast entrepreneur recognized an opportunity to market safety products to a younger audience through an ecommerce site with a more advanced user experience and a more appealing brand. Pollywog created both the name and the brand’s visual identity.

A construction site is a dangerous place. Your crew needs the right equipment to keep them safe. You need a way to purchase it without a lot of hassle. That’s why we select the best and coolest safety products and provide them within the high-tech, low-touch digital experience you want. When it comes to safety gear, it’s the easiest way to arm your crew.

“Mission Ready” acknowledges that construction sites can be dangerous, while suggesting that these products will prepare you for the hazards. Its subtle military overtones imply that working at a construction site is akin to going into battle, helping the name evoke an emotional reaction.

Mike Gilberto