Success is seeing the end from the beginning.

Two partners in an Ameriprise financial services firm tapped Pollywog for a new brand name that focused on their core offering: retirement planning. They delivered these services by working holistically with all the professionals needed to execute the plan, including CPAs and attorneys. Not only did they want a name alluding to this highly strategic approach, they also wanted a name high in impact.

How do you imagine your retirement? Or, if you’re retired now, is it everything you want it to be? We can help you make purposeful decisions aligned with your life’s goals—a strategic approach based on your values and vision. In this way, Endgame Financial Group is more than just an advisory practice. We work with you as you plan, to ensure that the choices you make now will not only contribute to the future you envision, but also allow you to be happier, more confident, and less stressed today.

“Endgame” is a term heard often in sports, politics and spy movies—all activities requiring smart, often detailed strategies to arrive at a desired outcome. This financial advisory’s name reminds clients that they can help them plan and execute a strategy to help them retire comfortably.


Thank you for your guidance in helping us create a strong, lasting and unique brand name. In a world where our industry is not trusted, you need a brand that demonstrates that you are different and worthy of trust. We would encourage any of our peers to reach out to you and learn more about your process in helping them create their own brand.

Greg Anderson

Financial Advisor, Ameriprise | Endgame Financial Group