Get the upper hand on your buckles.

An innovation agency in Southern California approached Pollywog on behalf of a client whose invention—a ski boot buckler called the “Ski-Key BC”—needed to be renamed due to a potential trademark conflict. The tool makes it easier to reach and tighten buckles when your hands and boots are cold.


When you’re at the top of the slope, you shouldn’t have to fight with your boot buckles just to tighten them. Our boot tool gives you the leverage you need for a quick tweak before your next run. And when you’re done skiing, it also functions as a boot carrier and even bottle opener. You’ll enjoy your day on the slopes more when you have control over your boots.


“BootBoss” is a compound name that combines the idea of a boot with control or management. In addition to suggesting its primary function as a tool for boots, the name also connects with the idea of managing them by using the device as a carrier. Alliteration makes the name fun to say, while the many repeating letters gives it visual interest. 



Randall Innovations


Our internal client is quite pleased and is on the road to rebranding. Pollywog provided exceptional work and innovation. Their work was extensive, thorough, and very creative.

Kelli Ivie

Principal, KIC