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Lifescape Wealth - A Project by Pollywog, a Naming Agency

Meyer, Meyer & Associates is an Ameriprise private wealth advisory practice in Marshfield, Wisc. Founded more than 50 years ago, the firm has had three generations of family members active as financial advisors, and its roots in the community run deep. As the practice grew, the Meyer family recognized that the firm name should reflect not just their own family name, but a larger mission supported by everyone on the staff.


Retirement. Purchasing a new home. Saving for your child’s education. You may have a hazy idea about how to accomplish these goals. But a solid financial plan can help you make it a reality. Our practice has been advising families like yours for three generations. This history gives us the experience and deep knowledge to help you see just how bright your future can be.


The “-scape” suffix is commonly used to suggest a broad panorama, as in “landscape,” “seascape,” “cloudscape,” etc. Because such panoramas are closely associated with art, the name Lifescape naturally complements the idea of creating and visualizing the life you want. It also supports the story of how the practice spans three generations of Meyers, helping to retain its rich multigenerational heritage.


“We have had an overwhelming amount of support and curiosity of the name change and the true meaning behind the name change. Happy all around!” — Brandon Meyer, CFP®, APMA®  Read the full 5-star review




Meyer, Meyer & Associates