We’ll chart a course based on what you value most.

A financial advisory in Andover, Mass., reached out to Pollywog to create a new brand that would communicate a compelling promise to prospective clients. As an Ameriprise practice, the firm needed to comply with corporate branding standards governing its new name and logo. Pollywog leveraged our experience in rebranding nearly 20 other Ameriprise practices and developed a new name and standards-compliant logo that reflected the firm’s strong planning expertise and personalized approach.

A poet once wrote, “All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by.” At SteeringStar Wealth, we want to help you discover that same sense of freedom and confidence that comes from a financial plan guided by your values. We’ll work with you one-on-one, running the numbers in real-time as we chart a course based on what’s most important to you. You’ll enjoy a caring, personalized experience from our whole team as we journey together toward your financial goals.

For centuries, mankind has looked to the stars for navigational guidance. “SteeringStar” confidently connotes a reliable point of reference for clients seeking financial guidance, and suggests setting a course to arrive at a desired location.

Working within the font and format specifications and limited color palette of Ameriprise advisor logo guidelines, Pollywog created a clean, compelling and modern visual expression of the brand that reinforces the concept of guidance toward a client’s financial goals.

Paul Fragala & Associates