Think Small
Changing perceptions about early childhood education.

This Minnesota nonprofit had been known by the unwieldy name, Resources for Child Caring (RCC). Over its 40-year history, RCC had grown from an agency that trained child care providers into Minnesota’s leading voice for early learning, but their brand had not kept up.

In the organization’s own words: “We think much can and must be done to improve the quality of early childhood experiences so children will thrive. We think learning experiences should adhere to best practices. That teachers should be skilled, knowledgeable, and engaged. That children need a safe, healthy, and child-friendly environment. And that stimulating activities should be balanced with appropriately structured routines. We think every child is unique, and each child’s situation is different. We think their success depends on the adults in their lives-parents, early childhood professionals, policymakers and other influential people-making the best choices for children. That’s why we Think Small.”

Conventional wisdom says that bigger is better, that we should all “think big” if we want to achieve our goals. The name “Think Small”, however, turns this idea upside down, stressing that the focus of our educational system ought to be on the littlest students, because investing in this age group will have the biggest payoff.

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Resources for Child Caring, Inc.



It’s been a pleasure working with Pollywog. Our new agency name is powerful and unexpected. The genius of it is that it makes people want to know more. It opens an exciting conversation about ways we all can be more and do more for children.

Janet Bisbee

Director of Development, Think Small