jambalayaSmall business owners have to wear a lot of hats. Not only are they their company’s chief executive officer, in many cases they are also the finance director, human resources specialist, marketing coordinator and IT administrator.

So when small business proprietors need advice on how to efficiently operate and grow their business, shouldn’t they choose a consultancy with expertise in all these areas?

That’s the concept behind Jambalaya. Formerly known as Bernard De La Rosa and Associates, the consultancy operates as a team of experts in various disciplines, so their clients get broad, deep expertise in the areas most affecting their business.

Bernie’s consultancy specializes in helping Ameriprise advisors grow their practices, and Pollywog has worked through him to rename a number of firms. So we were honored when Bernie asked us to rebrand his own business—and delighted when when he and his team chose our recommended name and tagline, “Jambalaya, the Right Mix of Expertise for your Business.”