No parent is perfect, but sometimes you can do better. Other times you can’t, and that’s why there’s Kraft Mac and Cheese.

Honesty is powerful.

Instead of delivering yet another tired promise of convenience and time-savings, some brand manager at Kraft allowed this video to tell the truth about their product: It’s not a carefully prepared, nutritionally balanced meal—it’s macaroni and cheese out of a box.

Moms know this, and they don’t care. Sometimes the day calls for quick, convenient and edible.

And sometimes, when your food product isn’t exactly gourmet, you don’t spend screen time on closeup beauty shots of steaming cheesy packaged-good pasta pretending to be something it isn’t. You wrap your brand’s arms around Mom’s shoulders and say, “We get it. Being a mom is hard. We make it a little easier.”

Does your brand have shortcomings that could be turned into a fresh, honest and thoroughly human message?