The first time I saw a 3D printer in action, I was amazed. It takes a CAD drawing and turns it into a physical object made of plastic. Even intricate designs with moving parts–a bicycle chain or adjustable wrench, for example–can be transformed from a digital file to an actual working model.

It’s like magic.

Last year, Stratasys, a leading manufacturer of 3D printers, contracted Pollywog to help them brand their important new product–the first professional-grade desktop 3D printer priced under $10,000. At this size and price point, 3D printing is now within reach of small product design companies and high schools who need rapid prototyping for commercial and educational uses. This quick, relatively inexpensive physical confirmation of a design’s actual shape and functionality enables product engineers and designers to be more creative.

Pollywog provided positioning, naming and brand identity services, along with consultation on product color and logo placement. In addition to a strong power name for the printer, we provided an appropriately descriptive name for the consumable–a pack of ABS plastic that makes material replacement fast and easy.

Introducing the Mojo™ 3D printer with QuickPack replacements.


News of this disruptive new product spread like wildfire across the blogosphere. And as has happened with other powerful Pollywog names, reporters picked up on the idea behind the brand promise and echoed it in headlines:



As more designers and engineers experience the magic of Mojo, we expect the name will be informally integrated into their workflow vocabulary:  “I’m going to Mojo this and see how it looks.” “Did you Mojo that yet?” “It’s in the Mojo.”

We’re excited about this brand/product and what we expect it will do for the company’s profitability and stock prices. It’s a winning combination. As The Street remarked, “There’s Mojo in the making at Stratasys,” and we’re pleased to have played a part in it.