Pollywog has been working with brands in their formative stages since 2007, and we’ve always endeavored to produce nothing but the best work for our clients. To get some feedback on how we’re doing as a company, we created a profile on Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, D.C.

Clutch analyzes businesses in a diverse range of industries, ranking them on their ability to deliver superior solutions to clients. They research social media presence, industry expertise, and former client reviews in their extensive evaluations. We’re proud to see how our company has stacked up against their analysis: Our comprehensive profile on Clutch is now ranked as one of the top naming agencies in their global report for 2018! And, another piece of exciting news: Pollywog is listed as a Clutch 1000 company, which is a list of the top 1000 firms on their platform.

While the awards and recognition are certainly nice, what we’re proudest of is our client reviews. Clutch interviews our former clients via telephone, gathering accounts from those who have had direct experience collaborating with us. We’re glad to hear that our passion for creating compelling, story-rich brand names has paid off. Here’s a sample of what our clients are saying:

“While their competitors made huge promises, Pollywog’s approach was both comprehensive and creative. They proposed a realistic plan that made efficient use of our time and yielded results. Their years of branding experience was also very comforting.” – COO of a High Performance Computing Company

“Don’t hesitate to call them. They produce great value and smart work that’s on budget and on time.” – Owner, McLean Properties, Inc.

 “They were committed to making sure our new name was the perfect fit for our business.” – Marketing Communications Manager, Fulcrum Health

 “They are very smart, clever, and show dedication to the missions they are working to support.” – Marketing & Communications Manager, Animal Humane Society

Because Pollywog’s ability to deliver is ranked so high among naming companies, we’re also featured on Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest. The Manifest is a site of guides to top service providers and industry trends. 

We’re grateful to the Clutch team for their research and recognition, to our former clients for their reviews of our work, and to all who have helped our company grow over the years. Our stellar rankings on Clutch and The Manifest motivate us to work even harder in the new year and deliver our best work to both new and returning customers.