Brain Rules for Naming

How many ads is the average person exposed to every day? Nobody really knows for sure, but estimates range from 3,000 to 20,000. Even at the low end of the estimate, that’s a lot of competition for a customer’s attention.

So when you’re creating a name, it’s essential to remember that the human brain is hardwired to ignore most stimuli. Without the ability to select what we pay attention to, we would be overwhelmed with information. As a defense, our brain dismisses boring things.

Neuropsychologist Joyce Schenkein, PhD, puts it this way,

“We must use our limited resources wisely and to attend to those features which are most important.”

This gives us a crucial clue to what a brand name needs to do in order to be noticed and remembered:

Be important. Be meaningful. And don’t be boring.

More on how to do that in my next post.