lop-transitAn estimated 3-4 million animals die in America’s shelters every year—the tragic result of pet overpopulation. Our client, Animal Humane Society, launched a bold initiative this year to help change the world for homeless pets by asking people to live by a code of honor called the “Law of the Paw.”

Everyone has what it takes to live by the Law of the Paw. When you commit to live by the Law of the Paw you’re not only helping your pet—you’re helping thousands of other animals by reducing homelessness and saving lives.

Do these three simple things for your animal, and you’ll help create a better world for all animals. And you and your pet will sleep better knowing the good deed you have done.

  • Adopt from a shelter or rescue.
  • Spay or neuter your pet.
  • ID your pet with a collar tag.

Pollywog provided brand positioning services and the program’s inspirational name. Our friends at Sussner Design created the brand identity.

I have always adopted my pets and had them spayed or neutered. But working with AHS on the Law of the Paw also made me realize how important it is to ID my housecats. (Stray, unidentified animals can account for 50%-75% of the animals in shelters.) So now, Rupert and Bixby are not only microchipped, they’re also wearing a collar with an ID tag in the event that they ever manage to sneak through an open door and out into the world.

If you own a pet or plan to get one, please promise that you’ll do these three things:  Adopt. Spay. ID.  And please add your name to the growing list of responsible pet owners committed to reducing euthanasia by living by the Law of the Paw. Sign here:  Law of the Paw