Naming FAQ
General Naming Projects — FAQ
What is a "Power Positioning session?"

This is a meeting with your key decision-makers (preferably no more than 6-8 people) during which we gather the information needed to create your brand. We project our Power Positioning form onto a screen for everyone to see and write it collaboratively with your team. When we're finished, we'll have a two-page document containing your brand promise, differentiator and other key aspects of your brand. This document serves as a blueprint to guide our name generation, ensuring that all name options we present support your strategic goals.

My company has already done a lot of work around brand strategy. Do we still need to have a Power Positioning session?

Yes, it would still be helpful and likely necessary. Our positioning platform is laser-focused—a necessity for a naming project. The information we collect must be concise. A work session with your decision-makers enables us to hone your brand message while ensuring that everyone in the room agrees with the final document.

What's the difference between a "sample creative tagline" and a "descriptor line?"

A sample tagline provides a creative link between the brand name and the brand promise. The descriptor line is a straightforward description of your industry or product/service. For example:

Sweetspot (brand name)
Strategic Communications & PR (descriptor line)
Really Connect. (creative tagline)

While the taglines delivered with a naming project are only intended to be illustrative, many clients like them so well, they use them with the new brand, thus saving the time and cost of developing a tagline.

In most cases, the descriptor line is identified during the Power Positioning session. However, in some situations, particularly when dealing with a new product category, further exploration is needed to develop a descriptor line that helps the audience understand a new type of offering. That's when it would be helpful to engage Pollywog in a separate descriptor line development project.

We are an out-of-town client. Can we have all our meetings by Web conference to reduce the project cost?

We would not recommend it. For companies with more than one decision-maker, it's important that everyone participate in two key meetings—the Power Positioning session and the name evaluation. These can be lengthy, taxing sessions, and the limitations of teleconferencing adds an impediment. Experience tells us that projects go much smoother—and consensus among decision-makers much more likely—when we can be in the room to help facilitate communication. If you are located outside the continental United States and teleconferencing is absolutely the only way you can afford a Pollywog project, we will do our best to accommodate you.

What is an "exclusivity search?"

This is a Web search to see if your proposed name options are in use—but not trademarked—by others in your industry. A name option with an exclusivity conflict may still be a viable option for you, depending upon who is using it and how. In such a case, we strongly recommend you seek the advice of an intellectual property attorney.

Are five name options really enough?

The number of name options delivered in a project is really a matter of balancing budget and risk. More name options mean a more costly project. But it also means that there are more remaining options should some be eliminated due to results of an attorney's trademark search, audience testing, language concerns and/or personal taste. As a general rule, if you intend to use the brand globally, you should budget for no fewer than 8 name options if you are trademarking in one class. For multiple classes in multiple countries, you should plan for upwards of 25 names or even more.

What if we don't like any of the name options?

Personal taste is unpredictable and widely varied. If your project involves multiple decision-makers, don't expect everyone to like the names equally, because unfortunately, this almost never happens. While we can't guarantee that everyone on your team will like all the names, we do know that every name option we present has met or exceeded our thresholds for Name Strength, Brand Fit and Ownability. We know that every name option we give you will be an effective asset for building your business. It's important to remind your team that the final choice of a name is a left-brained, analytical business decision, not one based on emotion or knee-jerk reactions.

Before engaging us in a naming project, we strongly recommend reviewing our portfolio of work to see examples of Pollywog Power Names. We do not create nonsense names or bland, descriptive names, as these types of brand names do not perform well in a cluttered marketplace. Please be certain that you want a name that's highly distinctive, elicits an emotional response and creates impact and memorability, because that's what we will deliver.